To the manufacturers of NuVet Products:


I consider my pets to be my children. Therefore, I am the mother of three furry children, Bonnie (75 lbs. German Shepherd mix) who is 14 years old. Kittie, a beautiful Tabby who is 19 years old and Gatsby also a Tabby who is a 2 years old.


My family is very precious to me and I had been quite saddened by two facts of life. Bonnie was limping and very lethargic and Kittie slept most of the time. The vet informed me Kittie had incurable end stage renal failure. I was devastated.

A friend suggested I try a new supplement for both Bonnie and Kittie.  A month ago, I started both on NuVet Plus and Hip & Joint Therapy for Bonnie. I cannot tell you how much my pets have changed.


Today Bonnie is running instead of walking. Her coat is shining like a mirror. A neighbor asked me what fountain of youth she had been drinking from. The other day she started to chase another dog. As for Miss Kittie, she is running around the house chasing Bonnie and is as perky as a kitten. Gatsby looked sad that he was not getting any “medicine" so I started him on the supplement. He has more vitality than he ever did and is a true lover purring all the time.  


All I know is my family does not appear to be on the verge of dying.  For as long as they have on this earth I know they will be really happy. Thank you so much for creating your great products.



Dorothy F.


“Hero’s Son”


Dear NuVet,


Our foundation male, Hero, was the love of our life and the basis for our entire breeding program.  He was tragically killed last year.  Upon learning of his death, a buyer of one of his sons told us we could have Hero’s son, Echo, back as he was being transferred to Brazil. 


He had kept him boarded at a friend’s for many months.  He was in deplorable condition…malnourished and fly sores around his rectum and eyes/ears.  I tried everything to put the weight on him and help with his sores to no avail.  It was a battle I was determined to win in order to be able to hold on to a piece of his magnificent father, Hero. 


As a breeder of Siberian Huskies, I was referred to NuVet.  I simply cannot put into words what this product has done for my Echo.  He is the dog he was meant to be, and a breathtaking legacy of his father. 


Thank you, NuVet, for giving us back our Hero’s son!  Every puppy that leaves our home leaves with a sample of NuVet and our wholehearted recommendation!


Robin Foley




My testimonial is about my 11 month old German Shepherd named Bear. Several weeks ago Bear was limping really bad. I took him to the vet and they gave him pain medicine to help ease the pain while he was healing. It took Bear several days until he was able to start walking "normal". Just this past week Bear could hardly put any weight on his front right leg, so I called the vet again and picked up more pain meds.

Thank God I just received an order of your NuJoint Plus supplements. I gave them to Bear and within several hours he was running around normal.   It was a miracle!   Bear loves getting his supplements everyday, he hears the bottles coming down from the cabinet and comes running. I recommend your product to
everyone I know with animals so they also can have a healthy, long living pet like I will. I can't thank Bear’s breeder enough for sending us samples to try and for NuVet Labs for producing a product to help keep our very loved puppy happy and healthy for a very long time.






Dear NuVet,

All I can say is that I am so thankful that I tried your product. I received
a flyer with some pet information that I requested, and came across NuVet. I
thought I would give it a try.

I have an 8 month old German Shepherd-Rottweiler pup named Mishka. He is
absolutely gorgeous and radiant and I know this can only be attributed to
NuVet. Many of our neighbors have young dogs too but none of them are as
alert, vibrant, and outwardly healthy like my dog. All our neighbors comment on how gorgeous his coat is and how alert and active he is.

NuVet is a fantastic product. I am sold for life.

Kakoli M.
New York

“Nuvet Plus Made the Difference!”


Hi! We wanted to share how NuVet Plus has worked a “miracle”! We raise Miniature Australian Shepherds and recently we brought home a female with 9 two and a half week old puppies we purchased from another breeder that was downsizing.


This female had not been on the same diet we feed our animals. Her coat dull and dry, it was obvious she had been under a bit of stress nursing 9 puppies. Two puppies were not doing very well, very tiny and frail – We even feared they would not make it, and none had the same “luster” we are accustomed to seeing with our own dogs here.


Right away, we noticed that momma’s toes were extremely splayed and she was way down on her pasterns – so much so that she was nearly walking on her “wrists”. My husband and I had talked about this and we both felt it had probably been a nutritional issue…


We have seen structural changes in puppies that are fed a proper diet after being raised on nutritionally lacking dog food… but never a structural change in an adult… We certainly didn’t expect THIS!


This female is nearly 4 years old and in a matter of two and a half weeks, after eating a good quality feed and taking the NuVet Plus supplement she has come up almost completely in her pasterns! Her feet actually look GOOD – toes are no longer splayed and she is walking well! Even after nursing 9 five week old puppies, her coat is healthy and shiny!  Her eyes are bright. She has a lot of energy and is enjoying life on the new farm!


We always feed a good quality feed, and have seen a “difference” when we have switched dogs to our feeding regime…but this beats all!  We are confident that NuVet Plus has made the difference for this little girl!


Thank you NuVet Team!



Dan & Jacque


“Walking and Jumping Again”


Hi- Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with your NuJoint Plus. Our Misty, a schnauzer is 14 years old and very arthritic. I was having to hold her back with a towel to walk. After 2 weeks of NuJoint Plus she was walking on her own. Now after 2 months she is jumping into my arms. I highly recommend this product for every older dog. 


Roselyn W.




“Simply Amazing”


Hi NuVet,


I've seen some amazing things in my day, but NuVet Plus takes the prize.  I cannot express how grateful we are that NuVet came to our rescue.


When we received Jasmine she had had a litter of pups three months before and just wasn't bouncing back as quickly as we thought she should.  Her hair was very thin, with a ridge of long hair down her back and her tail was not plumed at all.  Honestly, she looked more like a hyena than a Siberian Husky.


Well, look at her now, after only 30 days of NuVet Plus.  She looks like a totally different dog.  I had to put her on a tie out just to get her to be still long enough for me to get a good picture.  She is very much more active than before.  Even her temperament has changed from very skittish to very friendly.  We have watched a miracle transform before our very eyes.


Thank you so much.  We have begun putting all of our dogs on NuVet Plus and we are recommending it to all of our buyers.  NuVet Plus is the best nutritional supplement I've ever seen.


Thanks again,

Melinda L. Harris



“Helping Animals Lead a Long Life”


Dear NuVet Labs,


We have shown and bred rottweilers for seventeen years.  We were introduced to your product about 2 years ago, after getting some information in the mail.  To be honest, I was ready to throw it in the trash along with the rest of my “junk mail.”


At the time, I had a litter of puppies with three “runts”.  I decided to try the samples on them.  To my amazement, within 1 ½ weeks, these three were catching up, increased appetites, along with the normal active lifestyle like the rest of their littermates.  At this time, I liked what I saw, but still needed to see more.


At a later time, I had a litter with one puppy in particular that stole my heart.  She was diagnosed by our vet as being blind at 8 weeks of age, since she would only walk around the perimeter of the room.  I was told by my vet to put her down.


I immediately started the NuVet Plus on her.  I found a loving couple willing to take on the extra care that she needed, and required that they continue the product.  At four months of age, she was a normal, active puppy that showed no signs of blindness and to this day, still continues to be on your product!


Thank you for helping us in finding a product that helps our animals lead a long and prosperous life!



Maria & Jeff Bledsoe




“A Keeper”


My late husband was a veterinarian.  We ran his mixed practice for a number of years before his death.  I have bred dogs and cats for 30 years.  I have maintained a herd of 250+ potbellied pigs for the last 10 years.  I have involved myself intensely with leading veterinarians in this country and abroad to create and maintain a medical database to enhance treatment protocols for potbellies.


I have been using NuVet Plus for 8 months on specific animals of my own – in particular 2 dogs, 2 cats and 3 pot-bellied pigs.  I am impressed with the results.  The following medical conditions have been greatly improved or eliminated in my dogs and cats:  stress in adults and off-spring related to weaning, recurring urinary tract infections in spite of antibiotic therapy, arthritis (10 yr. old toy poodle), chronic respiratory condition (17 yr. old spayed Siamese) and poor hair coats.  The potbellies I chose are 7 – 9 years old, females, 1 intact, 2 spayed.  In 30 days, I could see a dramatic difference in their overall appearance.  They no longer need repeated treatments for mange, their hair coats are back in, the skin is no longer dry and flaky, they are holding their weight and their body condition is on par with some of my 3 yr. olds.  One 9 yr. old female who has suffered from motor dysfunction due to acute hypoglycemia as a 3-day old piglet, can now run 100 ft. to her food dish without staggering or tripping.


I have seen many products come and go over the years.  NuVet Plus is by far the best.  The results are timely, measurable, and sustaining.  In addition to enhancing animals’ diets with much needed nutrients, this product enables them to better assimilate their usual diet.  This eliminates the need to change an already appropriate diet, which in turn reduces stress.


This product is definitely a “keeper”!


Jenny B.




“Amazing Results”


The following is a true testimonial about your product:


I have a 7 year old Australian Shepard who has many physical problems.  In fact, he probably should have been put to sleep years ago.  Traditional vets can't really help him, so I've always turned to alternative methods such as energy healing.


One of his problems was a lump on his lower back area.  It appeared several years ago.  I opted not to have it removed because, as I said, he had numerous medical problems.  I did, however, pick up a jar of your vitamins in a pet store in San Diego.  When he was on them for about a month and a half, the tumor broke open.  It bled and drained for several days.  I shaved the hair around it and put some antibiotic on it.  It healed, the hair grew back normally and there is no tumor there. 


I also have noticed that he's a bit more perky and spry since using your product....he has severe hip dysplasia and problems with his front legs.


I also have a little chihuahua mix female that I take to work with me (I'm a dog groomer).  One day a dog came in that was coughing and I sent him home with suspected kennel cough.  A few days later, my dog started sneezing.  I figured I would start her on the vitamins to see if her immune system could fight it off.  Within a couple of days she was fine.  It never progressed to the cough phase.


This is a really great product.....thank you so much.


Very truly yours,


Georgia V.

San Diego, CA







Dear NuVet Labs,


I can’t tell you how wonderful I think these vitamins are.  I received samples last year and, as usual, threw them up on the shelf thinking, “OK, I will try them one day.”


I had a dog shipped to me that had gotten razor burned at the tip of his sheath.  It was very swollen and no matter what antibiotics I tried, nothing worked.  A month later and several hundred dollars, I decided to try the NuVet vitamins (with the shark cartilage, I thought maybe this will help get the swelling down).  I put him on it for a week and, waaalaaa, the swelling went down and I was able to treat with antibiotics so it would heal.  It was better in about 10 days.


I had had some issues with mastitis in my females.  I decided that I would put my girls on it as when they were bred to see if that would help with that issue.  It has!!!  Since they have been on NuVet vitamins, I have not had another mastitis issue to date.  I have since started my pups on NuVet before they go to their new homes at around 6 weeks old.  Since their mom has been on them since they were conceived, their coats and general appearance is outstanding.  I recommend it to anyone with a pup, it helps with growth issues, and in older dogs it can help with any issues: skin, general all around health, etc.


I’m sold!  This is the best vitamins I have ever tried in the 25+ years I have raised dogs.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Nancy Smallwood






Hi Guys,


I had to write and let you know that I am delighted with your vitamins!


I was contacted by Ira because I run a kennel, he asked me to try out this product that was new to my kennel and it just so happened that it couldn’t have came at a better time. I had a mother german shepherd that had a litter of five beautiful babies when the kids were 5 weeks old their mother had developed a horrible hormone imbalance. She had lost her hair, her eyes were very cloudy, she became weak and lost a lot of weight very rapidly. Every effort I made failed and I was at a loss. At first I thought she might have contracted mange. I’ve been a breeder for almost 13 years and usually after a litter there is some hair loss and it’s perfectly normal, however this female had produced 6 previous litters and has never had anything like this happen before. I was ready to pull my hair out trying to find a solution.


Low and behold two weeks after I started her on these vitamins her weight came up, her hair began to grow back, her eyes were completely clear and she was acting like a puppy! Well, two months have now passed; she is in full coat and doing wonderfully. I regularly use this product now and have seen some astounding results. I proudly endorse these products and am letting the word out to my fellow breeders. I thank the lord for NuVet.



Carla I.

Canyon, TX


“Shiny Coats and Bright Eyes”


Dear NuVet,


I would like to send you a personal testimonial regarding my four cats, and how they have benefited from your product.


It has been about one year since my four Siamese cats have been “using” your product. In that time, I have DEFINITELY noticed a shinier coat, brighter eyes and extra energy. When their breeder first told me about NuVet, and recommended it. I was skeptical; however, the “proof has been in the pudding.” The “pudding” is healthier cats. Guests often state that they have such soft, shiny coats of hair, I always respond, “Thanks to NuVet.”


My cats get it every morning in their canned food, and they love it!!!


Thanks a lot for your product,

Robert J.






One of your representatives contacted me about two months ago about your NuVet Plus.  For the last five months, my now 9 month old Newfie has been limping because of her rapid growth. Her ankles and elbows had become increasingly painful. Three days ago I decided to try your NuVet Plus tabs with her. Now, for the first time in five months she is not limping. I am very impressed and pleased with the results of your product and will definitely recommend it to all my puppy buyers. Thank you for a great product.




Medina, TN




Dear Sir or Madam:


I found Topper abandoned on a wet street on a rainy night circling in front of cars. I brought him home and placed him in a back yard to call the Humane Society. He had cataracts and his coat was covered in feces, his claws were at least 1” long, one was ripped, his duel claws looked as if they had never been trimmed and his teeth were in terrible shape. After three days I decided to place an ad in the paper and get him groomed. No one claimed him, but by that time my husband and I fell in love with this poor mistreated animal.


Topper’s flesh was constantly red hot and he scratched himself raw. His hair kept falling out; you could see the skin on his back. Our veterinarian put him on an allergy free diet, sold me topical ointment, the groomer use hyper-allergenic products, and nothing helped except cortisone shots and tablets. For over a year he was on a steady diet of cortisone, and then he started developing thyroid problems.


On one of my trips to Gwen’s Grooming in San Bernardino, Gwen suggested NuVet Plus for dogs. After the first 2 weeks of one tablet daily, I stopped the

Cortisone tablets. After nine months, his coat has gotten much thicker, his scratching is under control, and he is a much healthier dog. The difference is remarkable. NuVet Plus has been the best investment of all the hundreds of dollars I have spent.


Topper is the best dog we have ever owned, he is loving and affectionate to all who come through our door. He is a wonderfully trained housedog and a great companion. He deserves his happiness and his health, and NuVet Plus has to be credited for that. We will not let one day go by without giving Topper his NuVet Plus.


Thank you so much,

Karen Cox


“Roxee and Wynter”


Dear NuVet,


I would like to start off mentioning that I have never written a letter to any company for any reason what so ever.  But I am compelled to write to you.

In June of this year I was speaking with a co-member of our local Bichon Frise club.  She was telling me about your supplements and how the NuJoint Plus has especially helped her large older dog.  She was saying that he is a new dog after taking these supplements.  He has more energy and greatly increased mobility, and that he was running around the yard like a puppy.   


I have two small dogs, Bichon Frise, both only 3 years old.  One of them (Roxee) has always had a rather poor coat and a little too lean (not a big eater).  The other (Wynter) I had noticed was starting to limp upon rising, each time she emerged from her crate.  She seemed to walk it off with a few strides, but a limp was defiantly there and troubling to me.  On occasion she would even skip on three feet.  This had been going on for about six weeks.  I guess I was hoping it would go away on its own.


My friend gave me a sample of the supplements.  This was important to me because if I can’t get my dogs to eat them, then obviously they are of no use.  To my amazement they both ate them with no hesitation.


I placed my first order, which included NuJoint Plus for Wynter, and NuVet Plus K-9 for Roxee.  After giving my girls their supplements for only ONE WEEK, the girl who limped, limped NO MORE!!  I have not seen one single limp or skip since

that time!!  NOT ONE!!  In the mornings she fires out of her crate like a rocket!!

Roxee now eats much better, has put on weight and filled out beautifully.  Her coat is now thick and lovely, and remarkably to me, she has not once refused to eat her supplements (and she is extremely picky).


It has been three months since we first started with NuVet and we have just received our second shipment of supplements.  My girls will NEVER be without their NuVet!!  I highly recommend your products to all my dog friends. 

Thank you so much for making such a quality supplement available.


Sheri Kennedy


“Thank You for Saving My baby”


To the wonderful folks at NuVet Labs,


I just had to write, to let you know how GREAT NuVet Plus is!


My husband had gotten a few samples for one of our “babies” who has arthritis. As I was reading through the leaflet, I noticed it mentioned cancer and red blood cells. My oldest dog, Sammy, has a red blood disease, and had recently been diagnosed with cancer. She was only given until June to live. We’re now at the end of July and not only is she still alive, but she’s RUNNING, JUMPING, AND BARKING HER HEAD OFF!


I can’t get over your product! I gave some to my mailman, and now he too is a regular customer. I shared it with my neighbor and she says her dog’s eyes cleared up and is also able to run around (with arthritis).


I just had to thank you so much for saving my baby! I’m one of those crazy people that have birthday parties for my dogs! My husband and I love our dogs! Again, thank you so much.


Yours truly,

Kerry Callahan


“Helps with Hot Spots”

Summer has arrived and my 12 year old Lab again has to suffer from “hot spots,” which I’m afraid will kill her this year.  She also has arthritis in one hip.  A groomer suggested NuVet Plus, which my dog, Samantha, has been on for two weeks now.  I noticed an improvement in her skin condition within the first week.  She’s a happier dog now.  She’s back to following me around on my farm, while before she was lethargic and just worn out from scratching.  She looks so good.  In her eyes she tells me that she’s feeling much better.  Thank you. 

Mary C. Holland


“The Vitamins Work!”




We had been having problems with Strider having 2 bald spots on his hind legs. He has had them since he was a puppy, terrible gas at night, and a dull coat. We tried changing his dog food and added a tsp. of olive oil to his diet (Cocoa had the same problems). All this did was give him diarrhea and increased gas.


I was contacted about an antioxidant vitamin for dogs, but was extremely skeptical. After all dog food is supposed to have all the vitamins and supplements dogs need, right? After two weeks on the vitamins, Strider’s coat was shiny and his bald spots were gone and the gas disappeared as well. We put Cocoa and Arwen, our new puppy, on the vitamins as well. We think, based on what we have seen, the vitamins work and are worth the money.



Margo and Richard B.

Dear NuVet Labs,


I have a 1 year old Chihuahua named Tidus.  I purchased him from a pet store, which is a mistake that many people make.  When I saw this little 1 lb sweetheart, I could not help myself.  I was told he had kennel cough but he was ok.  Then, 3 days after I brought him home, he could not breathe.  I rushed him to the emergency clinic and was told his right lung was shut down with pneumonia.  He was not given much of a chance to live.  My vet and his staff worked miracles and after 4 months of intense treatment, he finally kicked the pneumonia. 


Once he was better, I purchase another Chihuhua from a private breeder this time and was introduced to your product.  I purchased it for the new puppy and inquired about putting my other Chi on it, but was concerned because of his sensitive stomach (caused by all of the medications).  The breeder contacted your company and was informed it would be very helpful to give him the vitamin.

Tidus is now the healthiest he has ever been.  His hair has grown back and it is full, thick and shiny.  He is very active and is running and playing all the time.  He does not have any stomach problems anymore since being on the vitamin.  Neither of my Chi's shed.  They are both very healthy and active.

So thanks to the breeder and your product, I believe that both of my Chi's will live a long, healthy, happy life.


Michelle Kesler